Voicing Our Needs

My son is very demanding. He wants things done in a certain way and at the exact time that he wants it. What I find fascinating, though, is some of the things he demands:

Mommy, put that book down and love me.
Mommy, hold me. I want to be held.
Mommy, please hug me.
Mommy I need love.
Mommy, please kiss me.
Mommy, put that laptop down and love me.
Mommy, get off the phone and love me.

It is hard to ignore the message he is sending with these demands: I am not paying enough attention to him at times and have gotten caught up in what I’m doing. I find that stopping whatever I am doing  (when possible) and giving my son the love and affection he is asking for not only shows him how important he is, it makes me feel good as well. After all, I’m getting love and affection in return.

I wonder how different our lives would be if we spoke this way to our loved ones when we were in need of some love and affection. Instead of thinking these types of things, staying silent, rolling our eyes, and feeling saddened by their lack of attention, what would it be like to just demand what we need (in a nice way of course, saying please is good)? It’s definitely something to think about.

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