Affirming the Good in Your Child

When Cody was hospitalized for eight months, I wanted to find a way to bring a positive message to him every day. I knew that, oftentimes, he would hear what was wrong with him, what he needed to change in order to come home, but he also needed it reaffirmed daily that he was inherently good. I created this during one of our two-hour weekend visits and the staff hung it on his bedroom door (It’s a bit wrinkled from being on his door). I also started to say it to him every night during our ten minute phone calls. Now that he is home, it has become part of his bedtime routine. An unexpected benefit that has come out of this is that, at random times during the day, he will say it back to me. It is a much needed confirmation for me to hear, especially on a day when things are not going so well.


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3 Responses to Affirming the Good in Your Child

  1. That is fantastic and it is so important for kids. Thanks for the thoughts!

    • Sarah Joyce Bryant says:

      Thank you for your comment! It is amazing the transformation my son has been going through since I began focusing on what is positive and good about him and about life rather than focusing on all the negative, fear-based what is and what ifs 🙂

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