Dancing It Out

cinderella-cinderella-24299959-500-379Recently, I made a commitment to start listening to my inner voice and to stay open to the messages that it brings me from the Universe. This led to an epiphany – the Universe most often communicates to me through random song lyrics, and what happened this morning is a perfect example. I woke up at 4:00 AM with the song lyric “I feel good, I knew that I would now…” from James Brown’s song I Feel Good, playing in my head. I thought, “well that’s a good motivating song to wake up to,” and went on with my daily morning routine – meditation, journaling, reading – with the lyrics playing over and over in my head. Then at 6:30, I woke Cody up for school. When he got out of the shower, he was crying. This kind of day can get out of hand quickly if I’m not on point. His anxiety can build, and sometimes he will refuse to go to school. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that many of his teachers would be out of school today. This meant that he would have to deal with the unknown – substitute teachers. Change, especially unknown change, can be incredibly difficult for Cody to process. I am working with myself and with him to try to change the words and the pictures in our heads that cause our anxiety to grow exponentially especially since much of what we fear is going to happen doesn’t actually happen. So, I told him to try to imagine having a good day with really great substitute teachers, but that didn’t work. Then I thought, “why not turn them all into fairy godmothers who will grant him a wish for each class? Why not just throw a little magic into his day?” I told him to imagine all his teachers today were fairy godmothers and asked him what the first fairy godmother would look like. After he answered, I asked him what wish he would like granted for that class. He was reluctant to play along at first (I sometimes have to get quite animated to get him involved), but as we went through each of his six classes he was more and more enthusiastic about it. We had fairies with wild, curly hair; fairies with devil horns and black wands; and even one fairy with hair standing straight up on her head! Some of his wishes included a confetti gun for all of his classmates and an iPhone 7! I repeated back each class, each fairy description, and each wish – and then said “Boom! It’s yours!” Then we danced it out – because it is really difficult to be upset when you’re shaking your butt. I started singing the lyrics that had been running through my head earlier in the morning, and Cody started to sing along with me. Then during breakfast, I played the song and we sang along. By this time, Cody was motivated and excited to go to school. We danced a little more, and then I played him an excerpt of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo just to seal in the magic for the day. By the time I dropped him off at school, he was more than ready to face the day. What I find most fascinating in reflecting on our experience this morning is that I have always told myself that I’m not really good at improvisation, that I need time to think things through especially when it comes to my creative process. I had never thought about how often I have to come up with something on the fly to help Cody stay calm and to shift his perception of what is happening around him and inside him. This experience helped me understand that the story I’ve been telling myself about who I am needs to be rewritten because it’s simply not true – and it all started with a song lyric and a commitment to staying open to the messages and lessons the Universe is sending my way. What messages might the Universe be sending you in a creative way? In what ways might you be telling a story about yourself, that upon reflection, is clearly not true?

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One Response to Dancing It Out

  1. Valery says:

    Beautiful story!! You are awesome!

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