Saying I Love You with Lunch Napkin Doodles

Napkin Message 2In last Monday’s post, I mentioned that there were other ways that I try to fill Cody’s days with positive messages. I have to make Cody’s lunch for him each morning before school because he has a dairy allergy. It is the best way I can ensure that he doesn’t eat anything with dairy while he’s at school. I was trying to come up with ways to impact Cody’s days with positive messages when I wasn’t around. Enter lunch napkin doodling! I decided that each morning I would write him a special note to let him know that I love him. I heard many, many years ago (I don’t remember exactly who said it or when) that it takes saying “I love you” a hundred times a day for your child to actually hear it. That has always stuck with me. I imagine it takes even more than that for Cody to really hear and process that I
love him. Also, he is prone to more anxious thinking than most children, especially at school, so I thought this could provide a kind of happiness refresher in the middle of the day when he likely needed it the most. I’ve been doing it for several years now, and he looks forward to them every day. I’m not always so artistic early in the morning, so even if I don’t do an elaborate doodle, I put a positive message on the napkin for him that says at the least: “I love you” and “Be the best you today.” I believe that all these small, positive messages add up, and will have an impact on him well into the future. In what small ways can youNapkin Message impact others with a positive message on a daily basis?

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