Birthday Celebration

20170323_194717906_iOSThis weekend was Cody’s 12th birthday, and we had a great time celebrating! We had breakfast out, then attended a Nature Day event at the local park, went out for a special lunch, and then attended Seussical the musical at our local Center for the Arts. For someone who doesn’t like to be out around people, Cody did a great job with all the events – even with the packed house at the musical! It was a lot of fun getting to walk the trail with him at the Nature Day event, especially since I’d been trying to get him to walk it with me for over a year! I enjoy him getting older because he is getting more courageous about doing new things and going out in the community, and there have been a lot fewer meltdowns. Woohoo! In fact, over the last few months, he’s even gone grocery shopping with me which was Meltdown City not too long ago. Even though I’m enjoying him getting older, he was pretty upset about it on the eve of his birthday. He understands that as he gets older, there is more expected of him, and he will have a lot more responsibilities. But, I told him that with age comes the freedom to make choices on his own without so much oversight. By the next morning, he had recovered nicely, and we had a wonderful birthday celebration together out in the community – something I didn’t think was possible just a few years ago.


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  1. You’re such a great mom. Much love.

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